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About Ashbourne Farms

For nearly a century, Ashbourne Farms has nurtured our commitment to sustainability and our focus on quality production. We grow the hemp for our CBD and CBG products the same way we approach everything on the farm – with intention. In both our garden and our community we are grounded in health and harmony, critical components of both ecosystems.

Kentucky's Hemp History

In the late 19th Century, Kentucky enjoyed the distinction as the largest U.S. producer of hemp. Today Kentucky produces more than 32,000 acres of hemp, including the .7 acres we have set aside for production here at Ashbourne Farms. With our line of Non-GMO, small-batch CBD & CBG products, we are proud to join the resurgence of Kentucky’s longstanding hemp farming tradition.

Our Farming Methods

We grow small our small batch CBD and CBG cultivars with meticulous care in an area formerly designated to for organic vegetable production. In keeping with our overall farming philosophy, we fertilize the crop with nitrogen rich compost, and our pest management techniques are done by hand using cultural techniques like frequent scouting and hand removal – never pesticides. We hand harvest and cure in an old tobacco barn on the property.

What Is CBD/CBG And What Are The Benefits?

  • Provides therapeutic benefits through non-psychoactive compounds extracted from hemp
  • Supports homeostasis through interaction with the humanendocannabinoid system
  • Both CBD and CBG have shown through scientific study therapeutic effects including:
    • Pain relief
    • Treatment of anxiety and depression
    • Mood stabilization
    • Better sleep

Benefits of Full Spectrum Oil

Among our offerings, we produce Full Spectrum CBD Oil, which means that no cannabinoids have been removed in the process. The result is an oil that contains all of the cannabinoid, terpenes and flavonoids from hemp. A “full spectrum” product contains THC, but in an amount that is in compliance with federal regulations, which is currently < 0.3%. By contrast, our “broad spectrum” product contains no THC and can be used safely by people who are subject to drug testing, which can detect even the tiniest amounts of THC.

Processing Partner

We chose Pharm CBD, a family-run business located in Bedford, Kentucky, as our partner.Their strength in agriculture, pharmacy, chemistry, quality, and engineering to process and to formulate hemp products matched our philosophy and commitment to producing high-quality products for our customers.