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The farm offerings at Ashbourne serve the greater community as well as the luxury events on the property. From organic produce in its CSA shares to antibiotic-free, pasture raised beef, local eggs, and pasture-raised pork, the farm is led to serve high quality, wholesome food to its Kentucky neighbors and esteemed visitors. To eat well is to live well.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for local farmers and their communities to support each other throughout each growing season. It’s a direct connection between the plate and the field that allows participants to be intimately involved in the way their food is grown. By purchasing a weekly “share”, CSA members assist the farmer, in advance, with the income needed to support the growing season including any supplies, seeds, and tools.

A CSA share at Ashbourne Farms not only secures a portion of the organically grown vegetables harvested each week, but welcomes each customer to the farm family. Ashbourne’s CSA members are at the root of its vegetable garden.

FRESH VEGETABLESOrganically grown

Our produce is grown using organic practices free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We aim to improve the quality of the land by focusing our attention on soil and water quality, and best practices including the use of plant varieties that harmonize with the region.

When you sign up for a CSA with Ashbourne Farms, you not only get a harvest of organically grown vegetables picked fresh for you each week, but you become part of our farm family. Our CSA members are at the root of our vegetable garden.

PASTURE RAISED BEEFHormone & antibiotic free

In cattle farming, the largest efforts are directed toward soil quality and the cultivation of native grasses to ensure that the herd has excellent forage, and the land is primed for the next generation of farmers.

Ashbourne Farms raises cows on pasture without the use of hormones, antibiotics or steroids. The cattle are a cross between the historic Scottish Shorthorn that first roamed the property and Black Angus, which produce an excellent foraging animal whose end result is a nicely marbled, omega 3 rich, lean meat. Pasture raised beef is leaner than traditionally raised beef, and more flavorful too. It is known to have significant health advantages like lower cholesterol, fat, and calories.

PASTURED PORKHormone & antibiotic free

The heritage breed hogs at Ashbourne are pastured and left to do what pigs love to do; forage in grassy fields and root beneath clusters of shade trees. Organic scraps from the garden are shared with the hogs as supplemental feed, which improves the health of the animals and creates a sustainable closed-loop system. One taste of the high-quality meat makes a sustainable believer in everyone.


Happy chickens, free of hormones and antibiotics, are raised in the open air with license to roam free. Eggs are collected every day to provide customers with the freshest farm eggs in Oldham County.

ORDERING INFORMATIONHealthy food is just a phone call away- 502.222.0602

Wholesome food choices from Ashbourne Farms are accessible to the community, with custom packages available to meet the needs of the hungry family.

Product Offerings Include:
• Individual cuts of beef and pork
• Beef and pork packages
• CSA seasonal membership of fresh vegetables

Product Order Form