Since its inception, Ashbourne Farms has been a working farm. For decades, it was an agricultural hub that flourished in the center of the La Grange community. From its days as a thriving cattle operation, restaurant and Inn, to its current efforts to provide the surrounding area with locally grown produce and pasture-raised meats; the goal is always to maintain and expand on the agrarian foundation started by W.L. Lyons Brown and his wife, Sally.

Farming practices at Ashbourne reflect the same care given to the land and its history. The aim is to feed others well, from the ground up. That means the soil is nurtured, produce grown on the farm is native to the region, and organic practices are used. The animals are pasture-raised and never supplemented with antibiotics or added hormones. Eggs are picked fresh each morning from happy chickens. In addition, farm life is balanced with wildlife conservation efforts to improve soil and water quality, and restore habitats for native species like endangered migratory birds.

Today, the exclusive food program at Ashbourne Farms rests on these traditions. The sincere passion for first-class dining is derived directly from the bounty of the farm. Ashbourne Farms is the only full-service facility that provides farm-to-table catering options in Louisville. All culinary endeavors here demonstrate the fruits of this agricultural commitment, from local CSA shares to elegant, plated dinners for luxury events.

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