The grounds of Ashbourne Farms are intensely managed to bring out the best of Kentucky’s diverse landscape. The team and its founders have dedicated their lives to the enhancement and restoration of fragile ecosystems, and the creation of varying habitats. Thousands of trees, indigenous plants, native grasses, and food plots have been supplanted and cultivated to sustain abundant wildlife. The large ponds on Ashbourne’s property have been painstakingly cared for to create robust warm water fisheries and habitat for aquatic animals. It is the best of both worlds, a place where working farmland and wildlife habitats coexist and flourish.

Ashbourne Farms supports many game species such as whitetail deer, Eastern wild turkey, wild bobwhite quail, and cottontail rabbit. It, too, is a place visited by many migratory animals like waterfowl, dove, and woodcock. Through the hard work of dedicated professionals, Ashbourne Farms has earned its reputation as a pristine sporting habitat. Once enjoyed solely by the founding family and their kin, it is now open to others for select sporting experiences. Discover the ideal experience, whether learning to wing shoot on the professionally designed sporting clays course, or a fly fishing excursion on one of Ashbourne’s managed ponds. Ashbourne’s habitat is groomed