The legacy of Ashbourne Farms is built on its agricultural tradition; from its early days breeding Shorthorn cattle to its history as a notable Inn that served some of the original farm-to-table cuisines. With the passage of time came an even deeper understanding of the oft-misused phrase. Here, it is tied to the importance of responsibly raised animals, sustainably grown produce, and the utmost care for the land.

Ashbourne Farms is the only full-service facility that offers true farm-to-table options. Located just outside of Louisville, the food program rests on the values perpetuated by its farmers. Their seasonal harvest directly informs the menu, where Executive Chef Jason Jones explores terroir with the season’s freshest organic ingredients. From casual barbecue affairs to elegant, plated dinners, the goal is to share the rich bounty of land through custom menus derived from an intimate collaboration with the chef and farmers. Inside the greenhouses and hoop houses that dot the property are menu possibilities brought to life by a world-class culinary team. Guests will find house-made charcuterie (thanks to Ashbourne’s pasture-raised hogs), eggs from happy chickens, and pickles paired with wild ingredients foraged straight from the property. Inspiration abounds where nature and agriculture meet the skilled hands of a dedicated and thoughtful culinary team.