The beauty of Ashbourne Farms lies as much in the nature of its people as it does in the elegance of its landscape. Of course, the land is partly responsible for that too.

The owners of Ashbourne Farms are inextricably linked to the land by their life’s history and subsequent passions. Growing up on the farm and in the region, cultivated an indelible impression that manifested into a lifelong dedication toward conservation efforts, restoration, and agriculture. The legacy of this land is in their DNA.

The team at Ashbourne Farms is an extension of these interests; each member, a continuation of the Ashbourne legacy, equally dedicated to sharing the history and experience of this special place.

At Ashbourne Farms, the wisdom of the farm’s forbears guides the values and decisions of the entire team. The farm has deep roots in nature conservation, a legacy built on agriculture, and a genuine affinity for true Southern hospitality. From it springs a wealth of experiences–from first-class dining, luxury facilities, and an exclusive sporting destination–eager to be shared.

The team at Ashbourne, a mosaic of talented and creative experts, has been thoughtfully curat-ed. Ashbourne Farms is committed to utilizing those talents to ensure flawless execution of each experience, and accomplishes this through collaboration, with imagination, and always with care.

Austin Musselman Jr.

Owner and Conservation Champion

Jason Jones

Executive Chef

Annie Cobetto

Sales & Event Director

Alaina Tobbe


Todd Carter

Land Manager and Guide

David Scalf

Arborist and Landscaper

Freddy Cortes

Equine and Farm Manager

David Bohnlein

Cattle and Farm Manager

Rodney Wedge

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